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The Solomon Group (SG) is a global Management Consulting Firm that delivers innovative thought leadership to drive practical solutions to complex business problems for both individuals and organizations. We are a traditional management consulting firm that does business differently. SG is not only managed by a culturally diverse group of Thought Leaders, but endeavors to bring the most diverse and practical perspectives possible in partnership with our clients to achieve resolutions of their problems.

All of SG's Thought Leaders are problem solvers. We work with our clients not only to diagnose the problems the individual or organization is experiencing, but also work with them to implement the most efficient solutions. We are not merely Consultants, we are partners that devise strategy and implement proactive solutions. Our approach draws upon the many years of experience that our Thought Leaders have developed in a multitude of disciplines. In addition, SG has an extensive network of like-minded Strategic Partnerships with other professionals whose resources and talents can be marshaled to overcome barriers our clients are facing. We value a team approach and a diversity of thought, experience and ideas.

“The purpose of leadership is to change the world around you in the name of your values, so you can live those values more fully.”
- Stan Slap


To empower individuals and organizations with the knowledge and the ability to positively impact society and transform the world.
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Seasoned professionals with expertise across many business disciplines. Our thought leaders identify problems and generate unique solutions.
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Diversity is the differentiator with Solomon Group – diversity of thought, diversity of people leads to greater business intelligence.
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Strategic Partnership

The Solomon Group is a collective of thought leaders, diverse SG thought leaders and external partners working improve business performance.
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